Bed & Breakfast "Casa Dei Turchi"

This charming B&B is the beating heart of Casa dei Turchi, an ancient town manor built in 1620 when Rovereto was set of commercial activities linked to the production of silk, this amazing building gave hospitality to ancient traders coming from the "Silk Road", they inspired the mashrabija wood windows that marked its architecture and originated the existing name and the idea of opening the unique B&B. Situated right in the center of historical district, downtown Rovereto, Casa dei Turchi got total renovation in 2012, with preservation restrictions of first degree by Art and Architectural Heritage, is equipped with modern sustainable systems, inner finishing in wood and terracotta tiles, each room is different and furnished with love and the idea of merging the charm of a faraway past with the most attentive caring welcome.

B&B Casa dei Turchi is situated in the historical San Tomaso district today named Santa Maria, enhances Middle-Eastern features and links the seventeenth-century district with the Venetian fifteenth-century one, facing the castle on left Leno river side and its falls. Mesmerizing architecture that matches middle east and western culture capturing the attention and the imagination. The structure is perfectly convenient and it is close to municipal car parks. It is only few steps from restaurants, shops, schools, hospital and the most interesting museums. Rovereto offers a rich calender of international events from Dance to Music to Sport, Christmas Specials and local products promotion events to enhance best wines and local organic and traditional product.


  • Beautiful place with a view of the castle and Leno, a few steps from the historic center that is a gem! And the wonderful hospitality makes you feel welcome and pampered. We’ll happily! (more…)

    Antonella P -

    Rovereto is a refined, educated thirty cities nestled among picturesque mountains and combed vineyards. There, next to a raging torrent, The House of the Turks was the perfect house to stay. (more…)

    Monica L. - Suite


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  • Sep

    Fisherman’s Friend Strongmanrun 2016 Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Rovereto, TN

    September is the month of the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun Rovereto. For the fifth consecutive year the city will host the stage thirty-The Original 20 km.

  • Oct

    Chestnut Festival in Castione Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Castione, TN

    Chestnuts, wine and typical products: gourmet weekends in the Local Nature Reserve of Monte Baldo
    Marroni of Castione, PDO Brentonico plateau, they are the protagonists of the &#82